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Hund i snøFyttikatta det er bikkjekaldt. Alle skolene i Milwaukee er stengt idag. I dag tidlig var det -37 grader (målt som i følt temperatur) – som er nokså pussig tatt i betraktning at det var varmegrader i går. Burde være unødvendig å nevne at dette er den kaldeste temperaturen jeg har opplevd til tross for at jeg har tilbrakt en hel vinter i Lillehammer og omegn.

Kim og jeg kjører til Minneapolis-St Paul i dag, så nå er det bare å håpe intenst at bilen takler oppgaven. Hvis ikke; takk for alt! Kim har et jobbintervju på torsdag og vi skal også se på et par leiligheter. Alle er enige om at det er på tide vi flytter ut fra svigersenes kjeller (faktisk har vi gort det allerede – det er for kaldt for en gravid dame å sove der nede). Vi gleder oss, og regner med å flytte i løpet av noen uker.

Tilbake til været: Hvor kaldt må det være før det kan karakteriseres som bikkjekaldt? Har lurt mye på dette, håper noen kan gi meg et godt svar (selv om jeg har min egen teori). Uansett, her skal hundedagene var lenge ennå.

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Just do it!

A new take on the all-American slogan. Sometimes a photo is so striking that it just has to be shared.

Just do it

By sharadhaksar

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So what is the big deal? A Norwegian moving to the American Mid-West is hardly going to suffer from culture shock when so many things are similar:

  1. It is freezing! As I write this the thermometer shows -16C/3F. Ha – don’t make me laugh. I’ve slept in tent and been posted as a guard outside at a temperature of -26C /-15F…
  2. LefseThe food is exactly the same… People can’t stop talking about how much the enjoy lutefisk (jelly-like foul-smelling fish), and somebody I hardly know gave me a batch of homemade lefse (pictured right) before Christmas. People my age seem to know as much about krumkake, kransekake and smultringer as my granny does!
  3. People drink at home before going out on the town to save money.
  4. When people hear something really funny they smile as loud as they can.
  5. Slice of cakeNobody would ever, ever – even if absolutely starving – take the last piece of cake on the table.
  6. People expect all social gatherings and meetings to start precisely on time, if not before.
  7. People think butter is a spice.
  8. People feel guilty about not feeling guilty.
  9. They day hasn’t begun until you’ve had at least two cups of coffee. And coffee is coffee. It’s all about volume, not about quality.
  10. People don’t fall when walking on ice.
  11. People live in (huge) houses, not in (35m2) apartments…

You can also read the first post about culture shock.

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    Here’s another videoclip of the youngest Lyngstad (also known as LilleLyngstad). In this one the little one one seems to suffering a bit of hiccups and the hand is also visible.

    By the way, we decided not to find out about the sex, so we clearly haven’t picked a name yet either. We have come up with a few girls’ names but are very short of boys’ names… Got any suggestions? Please add it in the Comment field! 😉

    The first ultrasound clip is here.

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    Staying warm – the natural way

    IsbjørnKim and Bjørn just went for a run and got reminded of why the climate in Africa by now seems like distant dream… Going for a run in temperatures of -11C/12F is freezing cold (even when wearing four layers)! It’s been between -10 and -20C for about a week now…

    I (Bjørn) have experienced not feeling my toes on numerous occasions and I’ve also had my eyelashes freeze, but having a beard adds another dimension to the feeling of unblighted cold. By the time we got back I had little ice balls dotted all over my face! Reminds me of manouvres in the mountains while I was in the army (when I definitely had very little facial hair), when we were told in no uncertain terms not to shave in the morning because it greatly increases the risk of frostbite.

    Think I’ll keep the beard – at least until March!

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