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Curling Team[Norsk under] Apparently, curling is the ultimate weirdo sport. Actually the whole thing sometimes resembles a family barbecue party from the 1980s. All sorts of strange characters of all hair-dos, ages, shapes and sizes appear – wearing matching track suites! There’s cousin Linda with her mullet, a turquoise sweater and a broom and there’s uncle John with his beer-belly, weird mustache and, ehem, also a broom….

Every four years when the Winter Olympics come around we find ourselves asking the same question: How the hex did this bizarre garden party on ice come to be recognized as an Olympic sport?


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Petter blir doktor

Petter WollMin gode barndomsvenn, eks-fotball-lagkamerat og klassekamerat i ni år, Petter S. Woll (som på bildet svinger seg i valsen med et uidentifisert kvinnemenneske 😉 ) ble i dag utnevnt til doktor i Minneapolis.

Foran et ekspertpanel og mange tilhørere forsvarte han sin fire-femårige doktorgrad som omhandler blodstamceller til, i overført betydning, stående applaus og stormende jubel. Blant de som forstod hva Petter foredro (undertegnede var helt klart ikke en av dem) var det enstemmighet om at dette var et enestående forskningsprojekt. Gratulerer så mye!


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Kim celebrates

Kim and cakeKim celebated her first Minneapolis birthday today! Lots of coffee and cake and a good time with Jen, Catie, Eric , Erika, Eric and Meghan. (more…)

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A perfectly crisp and beautiful morning in Minneaplis.

It comes as a cost however. Apparantly, today Minnesota is the coldest place in the Northern hemisphere. Colder even than Siberia and Alaska. Not that bad in Minneapolis though at -23C/-10F…

Wish we could say this is the view from our apartment. It’s not. It is taken only a mile down the road though!

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StuebordHaving survived the first 24 hours with our Malawian Chief chairs (and table) being the only furniture of our new apartment, things became a bit more orderly over the weekend.

Thanks to IKEA we now have a couch, a coffee table, stools, lamps and a chest of drawers! Only some bookshelves and a dining table missing really.

We are definitely chuffed with our new place! The location is super – just two miles from downtown, right on the bike path grid, good bus connections and loads of restaurants within walking distance.

We can’t wait for spring so we can start using the big balcony!


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Lille 20 weeks[Norsk under] LilleLyngstad has this week yet again gone through the rather bizarre experience of being pelted with sound. We still can’t tell who the little one resembles but the kid ceratinly has a nice profile by now.

This was ultrasound number two and everything looks fine as we enter the second half of the pregnancy. At the mo LilleLyngstad weighs the same as can of soda…

Of course Lille put on quite a show while there on the screen but mum and dad were not surprised in the least since we have felt the full range of headbutts, knees, elbows and hiccups already for a few weeks.


Lille 20 weeks, feetLilleLyngstad har denne uka igjen opplevd å få kroppen sin overøst med lydbølger. Den lille krabaten så heldigvis ikke ut til å ha noe imot å bli vist fram på storskjerm for en helt ukjent dame i tillegg til mamma og pappa og bare basket seg på skjermen.

Dette var ultralyd nummer to for Lille. Ungen ser ut til å storkose seg der inne, og er ifølge ultralyddamen i fin-fin form. Det er mye aktivitet der inne og alt ser bra ut.

Mamma og pappa er ikke overrasket, da de har kjent både skallinger, knestøt, albuer og hikke i noen uker allerede. Svangerskapet er nå akkurat halvveis (ca 20 uker). Lille er for øyeblikket akkurat like tung som en liten boks med Dahls øl (0,34 ml). Mamma er for tiden i god for, og bortsett fra å være sliten innimellom er det få bivirkninger.

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This morning we woke up in our own place for the first time ever! We unwrapped our new coffee grinder, put coffee in our french press, threw a couple of slices of bread in our new toaster and … sat down on the floor to eat! As of yet there’s no furniture in our new apartment. As you can tell, our preferences are the way they’ve always been – food over comfort!

Moving truckWe made the move from Milwaukee to Minneapolis yesterday. Kim drove the 3/4 empty (again, no furniture except for our new bed) moving truck impeccably (see picture left) and within minutes of getting here, Michael (Kim’s brother) and girlfriend Ashley arrived from Mankato to give us a hand with all the boxes. That was very nice of them. We celebrated a job well done with a couple of pizas and beer.

Today we’ll spend some time at IKEA!

We will post some pictures of our apartment as soon as we get a bit more organised!

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