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A Minnesota waterfall is not necessarily that impressive if you (like Kim) have visited Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls or if you (like Bjørn) come from the country in the world with the most large waterfalls. (more…)


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Dos XEminent photographer Erika McCauley popped up last night to secure evidence that Bjørn really finished a head-sized Margarita on his brithday. (more…)

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Big belly…

Pregnant KimI suppose the pics speak for themselves — LilleLyngstad is making his/her prescence known to world through my ever expanding abdomen. Can we just talk for a minute about the body-morphing aspect of pregnancy? I don’t care how stoked one might be to be having a baby, it still takes a fair amount of mental adjustment to come to grips with the fact that it’s OKAY that your boobs are able to rest on your belly, or that a semi-reclined position is the only way to make yourself AND your baby comfortable (Lille does not like to be squished). (more…)

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