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Getting settled

Okay — we’re in. Here are a few pics of the new place. You can see that we have been here long enough to make it messy. At first I thought this move qualified as the shortest move I’ve ever made (a whopping 1 km from our prev. apartment), but I now remember that I once moved just across the street. Regardless, a piece of cake thanks to our Norwegian moving squad.  (pictured below: cousin Runar, Bjørn, Stig Tore, Kim and belly)


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Big month, brief update.

Well, we knew July would be busy, and thus far it has been. I hope more detailed accounts of our travels and domestic pursuits will follow, but as for now we’re using this forum to update anyone who needs/wants to know about our new address. YES, we finally, finally, finally, after viewing dozens of homes and getting to know the realators by name (not to mention the makes and models of their cars) bought a place. Papers were signed yesterday (which happened to be our 6 month ”anniversary” of living in Norway) and Bjørn and I are now officially homeowners. Any feelings of trepidation are overcast by relief at having somewhere to live before the Aug 1 deadline.  We’ll start moving in tomorrow (Thursday), and I’m anticipating tears of disbelief and overwhelmed-ness as we move into our first home as a family….boosted, of course, by the hormonal craziness of being 8 months pregnant.  What can you do.

ANYWAY, the point is to give our new address:  Solvangvegen 17, 7713 Steinkjer, Norway. And to let you know that we DO have a spare room, so that standing invitation to visit beautiful Norway is still, well, standing. 🙂

p.s. Karel had a successful and lovely birthday party for his 2nd birthday (July 10) — pics hopefully coming soon.

p.p.s. We had a successful and lovely visit to Arendal in the south of Norway visiting Bjørn’s father and his wife — pics of that ALSO hopefully coming soon.

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