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Let the Christmas baking begin… 

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Despite the fact that there is still more rain than snow here, we are officially into the advent season. You can tell when the marzipan pigs start showing up in the stores. (I haven’t delved deeply enough into Norwegian history to figure that one out… will keep you posted.) This is also the time of year I get really excited about baking; the time of year that every shopping trip finds butter and parchment paper in my cart. I’m always pretty excited about baking, but at Christmas it’s almost like a job. A fun job that you like,  mind you. (Wait, do those exist?) I mean, there’s a deadline. So there’s a little tiny bit of pressure. Good pressure…

Okay — whatever. I’ve been out of the workforce for so long I’m not even going to pretend that I know what a healthy out-of-home work environment is like. However (big inhale), that is about to change. (aaaaand blow it out).

Job-practice. That’s what I’m doing. Goals = 1) learning Norwegian as applicable to my field and 2) familiarizing with Norwegian work culture. I started last week — 2 days in an assisted living facility here in Steinkjer.

I am skeptical.

Here’s the thing: I am busy when I am at home. You maybe couldn’t tell by the piles of laundry and the dirt on the floor, but I am. I LIKE to be busy, I do. But what I am learning about myself (aren’t you supposed to have your own brain figured out by the time you’re 30? Come on.) is that I also like to determine the soure of my own busy-ness. Or non busy-ness. Huh. Maybe that sentence should have just read ”I like to determine.”

Pretty sure my mom once said to me, ”Kim, you might not like to hear this, but I think you’re going to be happiest when you just have family and can make your own schedule.” Next time anyone sees my mom, give her a ”You Know Your Kid” prize. Sigh.

So. We’re gonna give this a go. I will work through the ridiculously tangled web of emotional-ness that this change is spawning, and we’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride. Well, Bjørn might not enjoy this ride so much. ”Tangled web of emotional-ness” doesn’t really put a husband’s heart at ease. And if it doesn’t work out, plan B involves a coffee and scone selling bakery van. (insert happy sigh of contentment.) Someone needs to be offering these people coffee in the morning since, you know, the only coffee shop in town doesn’t open until ELEVEN. Really, I feel more like it’s  a public service and would just give coffee away.

On the up-side, old ladies say some pretty funny things. I’m easy to please — a couple of one-liners will make a day totally worth it for me.

Yes, yes, as they say here. We shall shall see. Everything in it’s time.


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