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Beautiful day of skiing

Our first skitur (ski outing) of the season – with neghbours Kvammen/Hanssen. Gorgeous day, perfect conditions, and hot dog grilling.

This was Karel’s first ever skitur skiing completely on his own. He didn’t stop once. Very impressive! We are very proud.


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Alternate title: ”Just in case any one of you thinks that I have it together”

It’s Friday now; Karel is at barnehage (after his normal morning tantrum), Bjørn is at work, Emil is sleeping, and I have brownies about to go into the oven. And it’s only 11 a.m.

AND the boys stayed in their own beds all night. (Mostly, anyway. Bjørn found Emil asleep on his back on the floor this morning, which is maybe not so surprising given this is how he positioned himself last night.)

So the week is wrapping up pretty calmly. But can I tell a quick story about how it started? A tiny little incident I now feel compelled to share in the event that our beloved friends and family might need a tiny little chuckle to help them through the week?

Monday mornings are not always so good for us. Three of the four Lyngstads residing at Solvangvegen 17 are not morning people. The two that are over 30 are usually able to deal. The one under 4 is not. Anyway, this particular Monday morning, Bjørn was headed to Trondheim and thus needed to be leaving Steinkjer by 8 a.m. I was supposed to ”work,” and the boys were scheduled to be at barnehage. We (read: Bjørn, aka-super-pappa) prepared their lunchboxes the night before, got all their gear together, and had them in bed relatively early with the hope that they would subsequently wake up relatively early on their own. (Waking up Karel is almost impossible and almost never tear-free.)


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It is now midnight, as Kim and I are finally going to bed.

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