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I say small tomatoes.



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Today is my ”day off”; that day I simultaneously am grateful for and feel guilty about when we pack up and ship out both of the boys with Bjørn in the morning…and I have no major plans for the day. I dream of curling up on the couch and watching sappy movies, something that deeply ingrained protestant work ethic/guilt will probably never let happen. Anyway, this morning I sat down and wrote out the day’s list while chewing my cereal — you know, alternating spoon and pencil — but addiction won and I turned on the computer to ”read some news.” ‘Cuz that’s what I call Facebook to make myself feel better (insert eyeroll).

What I was NOT going to do today was sit and write out one of the many blog/journal posts floating around my head. Because it takes too long. I just told Bjørn last night that it was a good thing I’m not a professional writer, because a single 500 word entry takes HOURS. Time is the price of perfectionism, it seems. Blows my housekeeping productivity rating right on out of the water.

Anyway, while checking the ”news” I was reminded that October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. And it became more important to give a shout-out to the mamas and pappas who have gone through the joy and grief of pregnancies ended too soon.


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(as compiled by Kim mostly before they arrived)

Homemade squash ravioli? Check.

Breakfast custard pie x 2? Check.

Berry picking? Check

Dinnertime collaborations? Check.

Hand delivery of fresh tortillas, chocolate chips, CSA peppers, home-brewed beer, and Crisco? Check.

Pantry stocked with grains I didn’t know I could get here? Check.

Sampling of the local cuisine? Check.

Detailed discussion, research, and examination of all minor medical concerns, all in the matter-of-fact manner of nurses? Check.

Loving on little boys? Check.

Being a climbing apparatus for said loved little boys? Check.

Conversation that flows seamlessly between recipes, relationships, and healthcare, politics, culture  and gardening? Check.

Two weeks of all the above culminating in a pie-and-potsticker extravaganza?

Pie and potsticker extravaganza culminating in a headstand exhibition?
Check. (Sorry, no photo of that one.)


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Grillings på vei opp til Oftenåsen!



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