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Here are the things I need to remember from the past weeks/months/year before they change:

  • That Emil Birk says ”godteri” instead of ”batteri” (that’s candy instead of battery) and ”bandasje” instead of ”massasje” (which is bandage for massage). This leads to very sweet sentences about the toy train needing more candy and asking me to bandage his back at bedtime
  • That my oldest son has calmed my anxious mothering spirit. We were sitting at the table talking together after Bjørn had come back from a business trip of several days. It had been a rather loud and fractious several days for those of us at home. So I said as much — ”This time when Pappa was gone wasn’t so greit (okay)” Karel: ”Really? I thought it was greit.”  (eyebrows raised) Kim: ”Well, Mama was pretty crabby.” Which was true. And maybe an understatment. Karel, dismissively: ”Yeah, but moms are just like that sometimes.” A simple statement, but it felt like absolution.
  • That Cai joins in the morning franticness of getting out the door by diving in and pulling out his boots from the massive pile of footwear in the entryway to try to get himself ready, but then reaches both arms up with an urgent ”Uh! Uh!” for goodbye hugs to the departing when I tell him he’s not going with today.
  • That Emil and Karel MUST hug before Karel goes to school even if they’d been antagonizing each other seconds before.
  • That Emil plans what he’s going to make with Perler beads at barnehage the night before. It’s his new obsession. I love it and am very happy to keep it a barnehage-only activity.
  • That Cai Ruben, almost 20 months, does stunts like this: 

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We are way overdue here. I missed the moving-to-the-new-house post and the what-I’m-thankful-for-2014 post, NOT TO MENTION only just glossing over the weeks of visitors we had over the year (Mandy, Mom, Dad, Chris, Katie & Tim…) aaaaannnd relying purely on brain capacity and facebook to record the daily craziness with the…. crazies.

That’s what really drags me here in the end — the concrete knowledge that relying on my brain capacity to remember things in this chronically sleep deprived state is possibly the most ludicrous idea ever.

SO, friends, here is the rundown of 2014, rolling thankfullness and documentation into one, likely very long, blogpost:

January: I actually don’t remember January. All I remember from January is sitting down with Bjørn and writing a list of things we’d like to achieve in 2014. Evidently we were trying to take a stance against stagnation. The list is hanging up on the corkboard in the kitchen. We managed to knock one item off…but the year’s not over yet.

February: In February we were thankful that our household illnesses were acute and not chronic. February was the month I called Urgent Care in the middle of the night on Bjørn’s behalf. No one likes to wake up with crushing chest pain at 3 a.m., not even thin men in their 30s with no cardiac history and non-alarmist nurses as wives. I maintain it was the work of a kind and benevolent God to strike down my husband with myocarditis, winning him 4 days and 3 nights of bedrest in the hospital just as the Winter Olympics started. See what I mean? But really, Bjørn had had a rough month. A three-day flu, travel for work, and then burning chest pain. There are a couple of gems that worth remembering, though. Like the confused look on the cardiologists face when he received Bjørn from the ambulance instead of someone with risk factors (”are you sure you don’t smoke?”). Or that starting Valentine’s Day night sleeping next to ones wife and ending it by having one’s chest shaved by a large African nurse a few hours later could even happen. (eye roll)

March: March 1st, 2014, Amanda Jayne Bird nee Leyrer set foot in Norway for the first time. Actually, she fell to floor hugging her nephews by the baggage belt. Mandy did it all — she was a human slide, a baby snuggler, chick-flick watcher, wine drinker, vent-receiver, The boys slept next to her in the loft — she correctly described Emil as a ”heat-seeking missile” and tracked his movement throughout the night. We had a pirate pizza party with swords and tattoos and the boys were counting to ten like pirates with every tattoo application for weeks — months– afterwards. As if all that weren’t enough, I discovered that my beautiful, funny, kind-hearted, straight-talking sister STRESS-CLEANS. That was our kind and benevolent God’s gift to me. Bedtime would start to get crazy, Mandy would just start scubbing out the kitchen. It was amazing. (I, for the record, stress-bake. Not nearly as efficient.)

I think in March we also decided we’d outgrown the duplex and the sound-sensitive neighbor across the wall and made the first move towards selling. Pretty sure I baked a lot that week.

April: Cai Ruben turned one (with only two teeth and no interest in walking), Bjørn’s heart made it to 38, and we survived the first phase of How-To-Sell-Your-House 101. Which was, in case you were wondering, having it photographed. Which means, in case you were wondering, making it look like no one lives there while you actually all live there. The plus side was that we cleared out a lot of extra stuff so the next phases in the game were much easier. We totally had a box full of random junk that i just moved from corner to corner, out of the view of the camera. And we’ll just stop there with the positives. Karel started track and field, which made my high-school hurdler heart very proud, AND soccer. Emil Birk completed swimming lessons. Cai continued to propel himself at lightning speed towards anything taller than himself and climb it.

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