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New Year’s at the Jordahl’s

ChadWe headed down to Chicago on New Year’s Eve to celebrate at Becky and Chad’s lovely place. Bjørn was pleased to see that the roof he helped lay a couple of months ago seems to have resisted the ferocious Chicago weather – at least so far!

Kim and BeckyWe were once again in for some treats prepared by magnificent Chef Chad. This time he pulled out a mango-crab starter resting on a bed of mango sauce and avocado seasoning. We were both tearing up after the first bite… Absolutely fantastic! The main course was grilled salmon, fried green beans and rice. Delicious! Please invite us for dinner again soon. 😉

Most of the night was spent playing Wits and Wagers and Shut the Box, although we did go outside at midnight to see the fireworks. We didn’t see too much though, because a) Chicago is too foggy, b) Chicago is too flat.

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