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If you thought that I wouldn’t continue the trip summary, you were almost right. But stubborness prevails…

After spending our first days together in Oslo, we boarded a bus to take us to train to get us to Arendal, home of Bjørn’s dad Ivar and his wife, Lil Torunn. Lars joined us again at this point, for which we were very grateful. Turns out we had a lot of luggage. At any rate, the trip went smoothly, despite a rather rushed start (we split into two groups…my group may or may not have gotten distracted by some clothing sales) and nearly missing our connecting train. (Fortunately, I interrupted Lars and Bjørn in the middle of a deep conversation — about football — while checking on Karel, just to be reminded that we did indeed need to switch trains at some point. My heart sank at the thought of shifting all that luggage AGAIN, but despair soon turned to quiet and efficient…rage, for lack of a better word, when with a quick look at a watch I was informed that transfer would happen in 2 minutes. Otherwise known as 120 seconds. We did make it, and only left one bag behind…. which was, of course, my mom’s purse containing the passports. (insert eye roll) )


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