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Getting settled

Okay — we’re in. Here are a few pics of the new place. You can see that we have been here long enough to make it messy. At first I thought this move qualified as the shortest move I’ve ever made (a whopping 1 km from our prev. apartment), but I now remember that I once moved just across the street. Regardless, a piece of cake thanks to our Norwegian moving squad.  (pictured below: cousin Runar, Bjørn, Stig Tore, Kim and belly)


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This morning we woke up in our own place for the first time ever! We unwrapped our new coffee grinder, put coffee in our french press, threw a couple of slices of bread in our new toaster and … sat down on the floor to eat! As of yet there’s no furniture in our new apartment. As you can tell, our preferences are the way they’ve always been – food over comfort!

Moving truckWe made the move from Milwaukee to Minneapolis yesterday. Kim drove the 3/4 empty (again, no furniture except for our new bed) moving truck impeccably (see picture left) and within minutes of getting here, Michael (Kim’s brother) and girlfriend Ashley arrived from Mankato to give us a hand with all the boxes. That was very nice of them. We celebrated a job well done with a couple of pizas and beer.

Today we’ll spend some time at IKEA!

We will post some pictures of our apartment as soon as we get a bit more organised!

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