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JM JennyOur extended weekend Washington DC turned out to be nice walk down Memory Lane both for Kim and Bjørn. On Saturday night JohnMark (the frontman of rock band Rocket City Riot) and his wife Jennifer picked us up at our hotel in Falls Church and took us into town. JohnMark and Bjørn were running mates in Ashgabat in 2007. He returned to the DC area (Alexandria) from his job as a teacher trainer in Turkmenistan last summer and is now only months away from becoming a dad for the first time!

After having experienced some of the heavy DC traffic we made it to the pretty Georgetown district and ended up at a Mexican restaurant. After dinner Jenny (pictured right) joined us for a couple of drinks. Jenny and Bjørn were both studying in Amsterdam in 2001/2 and also travelled together in Egypt in April 2002. Jenny has worked in DC for a couple of years since returning from Europe.

MelodieBjørn in DCOn Sunday morning, Kim made another presentation about her work in Malawi for a congregation in Falls Church. In the afternoon, we met up with Kim’s friend from her high-school days in Sleepy Eye, Melodie Ohm (left), and we headed downtown. We visited a number of the Mall memorials such as World War II, Vietnam and Abraham Lincoln. Bjørn in front of Capitol right.

After Kim had made another presentation on Monday morning we went back to the Mall to visit the Natural History Museum. We had a really good time there and ended up spending more than four hours there.

Kim and sealHighlights:

  • The mammal exhibition
  • A rastafari exhibition
  • An exhibition of the best nature photography
  • One of the most famous diamonds in the world, the Hope Diamond, that once belonged to French King Louis XIV
  • The origins of Western civilisations exhibit

In the evening we had some drinks with Jenny and her boyfriend, Trevor.

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