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Lest you be fooled, the following things do not pass as substitutes for sleep:

  • coffee
  • Reese’s Pieces
  • chocolate/pastry/cookies
  • stronger coffee
  • surfing the blog-universe
  • Facebook
  • ”Everybody Loves Raymond” reruns
  • ANY reruns
  • online window shopping
  • espresso
Your tired brain may initially think that any or all of these things will provide that tiny-little-boost needed to get through the day…but I am slowly learning that the resulting seratonin/dopamine surge from any of those small indulgences is much less effective than a nap. Maybe I’ll make computer/t.v./phone covers that say: ”Back away from the bright shiny screen” and put them into place on those super-tired days when will-power is at it’s lowest. Huh.
*** HOWEVER:  the following have been proven to be effective:
  • hot showers
  • shopping for cute things
  • walks outside
If you can combine the last two, all the better. That was our strategy yesterday 🙂

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I’m going to be honest for a second about this house-wifey world I’m living in lately: It can be tiresome. So that statement is like the complete opposite of a shocker. The whole cleaning/food-making/kid-rearing thing aside, it’s mostly the identity shifts that wear me out after a while. One minute you’re a young and single professional honing your beer palate. Next thing you know you’re driving a Land Cruiser through sub-Saharan Africa. That bit actually goes on a for a while. Then suddenly you’re back where people look and sound like you…but with a husband (who doesn’t exactly sound like you). And then there’s a baby, and yet another role is born.

So, so far we have: young partying professional, young international (occasionally partying) professional, young-ish wife, prego-reestablishing professional, MOTHER.


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