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Lille 20 weeks[Norsk under] LilleLyngstad has this week yet again gone through the rather bizarre experience of being pelted with sound. We still can’t tell who the little one resembles but the kid ceratinly has a nice profile by now.

This was ultrasound number two and everything looks fine as we enter the second half of the pregnancy. At the mo LilleLyngstad weighs the same as can of soda…

Of course Lille put on quite a show while there on the screen but mum and dad were not surprised in the least since we have felt the full range of headbutts, knees, elbows and hiccups already for a few weeks.


Lille 20 weeks, feetLilleLyngstad har denne uka igjen opplevd å få kroppen sin overøst med lydbølger. Den lille krabaten så heldigvis ikke ut til å ha noe imot å bli vist fram på storskjerm for en helt ukjent dame i tillegg til mamma og pappa og bare basket seg på skjermen.

Dette var ultralyd nummer to for Lille. Ungen ser ut til å storkose seg der inne, og er ifølge ultralyddamen i fin-fin form. Det er mye aktivitet der inne og alt ser bra ut.

Mamma og pappa er ikke overrasket, da de har kjent både skallinger, knestøt, albuer og hikke i noen uker allerede. Svangerskapet er nå akkurat halvveis (ca 20 uker). Lille er for øyeblikket akkurat like tung som en liten boks med Dahls øl (0,34 ml). Mamma er for tiden i god for, og bortsett fra å være sliten innimellom er det få bivirkninger.

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Here’s another videoclip of the youngest Lyngstad (also known as LilleLyngstad). In this one the little one one seems to suffering a bit of hiccups and the hand is also visible.

By the way, we decided not to find out about the sex, so we clearly haven’t picked a name yet either. We have come up with a few girls’ names but are very short of boys’ names… Got any suggestions? Please add it in the Comment field! 😉

The first ultrasound clip is here.

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Family photos…

Lille_frontFirst off, for those of you that are visiting this site: thanks for your interest in our lives! I guess this is where we can tell our friends and families about the new and “interesting” things going on with us…… don’t know about you, but having gel smeared on and sound waves shot through my belly was definitely a new experience for me!

Bjørn and I had our first ultrasound last evening! Maybe I should back up and say: ‘we’re pregnant!’ first, for those of you who might not have known. Just another one of those keep-you-on-your-toes-surprises God like to throw into one’s life every once in a while. 🙂

ANYWAY, turns out ultrasounds are really cool and you can see loads of stuff! The little guy put on a show for us and jumped around all over the place. He/she’s almost 1/2 pound and only 12 cm long, but was kicking and jumping around with the energy of… well, more energy than I have right now.

The video clip shows the baby rubbing his/her feet against each other.

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